I'm Battling Depression Too

I have clinically diagnosed anxiety/depression and I am currently on anti depressant medication. Its a constant battle to get up in the morning and I keep letting myself down by not being motivated or keeping up doing normal things like exercise. I'm very isolated from people due to a recent long term relationship breakup and an injury which forced me to stay at home for the last two years to recuperate. I'm just starting to get out of the house again to meet people and try and make some new friends. I've been fighting depression for six months and keep wondering why I'm not better yet - although my anxiety is now gone thanks to the medication which I am exceedingly grateful for. As a way of trying to fight my depression I have setup an online community at

the idea behind the community is to share experiences on depression and to mutually support people as we experience and fight depression together.

And I have a blog at


 Please feel free to visit and post a comment about your own experiences. I'd love to hear from you.

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2 Responses Apr 3, 2007

Sounds like ur medication isnt working great, I still have bad days here and there but after changing medications a few times I'm much better. I would recommend changing until uve found one that works for u

I went a little crazy during my depression, lol. If you want tips go to helpguide.org It gives tips on relief on depression, stress and a bunch of other stuff. Take care!