I Wish I Could Tell Someone the Truth

i cry alomst every night

i cut my wrists, not to die but because i get an aderneline rush from it, cause i dont have to think about the other pain when i do

im afraid to tell anyone how i feel

i don't want to disappoint or scare anyone

only one person knows that my arm is cut scars...

but i don't want to have to admit that im depressed.

i can't even tell my psychologist- i lie to my psychologist how sad it that

i know i need the help too

why cant i get the nerve to ask for it

why do i feel so alone.



hayleymeike hayleymeike
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10 Responses Apr 3, 2007

Well I'm not trying to give therapy, just wanted to tell you you're not alone I to feel very similar and since I lost my father and started my new job I have no one to talk to,confide in, and I can't take my medicine and keep my job. What a conundrum, because I to feel, well I know I need my medicine because I'm loosing it for reelz and I also need a future career! Any who just thought I'd vent some too! Hope you maybe could find something in there that maybe can help.

U need help now. pls stop cutting yourself. and be true to your psychologist. but my advice is dont do this. you are far too young.

I feel the same way. I wish I could tell someone. I dont know how. When I go to the psychologist I just sit in silence and cry. I don't know how to tell anyone. I hurt myself so my outside looks as ugly as my insides feel.

hey sweetie...i read your story and i understand where your coming from. just think though you told millions of people you dont even know and your getting positive feedback from. i care about you and i dont even know you. just imagine what your family and friends are going to be like. just for now i suggust you pick one person and become close with them and tell them...then when one person knows...tell another. not all in the same day or week whatever.. take your time. but just please be careful when you do cut. i understand its a rush...i've been there. but dont ever give up on life! if you ever need to talk to me just write me.

Hey sweetie Ive just read your story. I went through two years of depression. I didnt know why but i was constantly crying and sliting my wrists. You need to tell your therapist. I know its so easily said belive me! But you need some help because one day youll cut too far and you may not pull through. If you need to talk 1 to 1 no patrinising. Im here xxxxx

I've soooooo been there, now I am trying my best not to cut. I want to, its a coping mechanism, but I know its wrong. You need to tell someone what you are going through, as hard as it is, thats what a therapist is for. Its so hard I know, it took me years to admit it, but I did and I feel better. Try, its worth it.

Sweetheart .. one of these days you are going to get seriously hurt .. your therapist is there for a reason . For a long time i didnt trust my therapist or my psych .. i was always afraid they would put me back in the hospital ... then i got really bad and went into respite at my groups treatment center and it helped me so much .. i am forever grateful the point is ... you need to tell someone .. before its too late if you ever wanna talk im here

I think it would be the best thing to tell your therapist as much as you can. That's what the process is all about. I often don't feel motivated to seek out the help I know I need but it's very important to do so anyway.

Wen i started cuttin my friend found out, as im already talkin to 1 of my teachers abou my depression, she went n spoken 2 him, so he confronted me abou it, i cried with relieve but also pain, because he wanted to see my wrists, this hurt me soo bad because ino he cares and worries abou me as it is. I have also managed to speek 2 the school nurse which has helped alot, maybe you should speek to a teacher/adult that you trust or ask one of your friends to tell the adult you trust about your problems so they can confront you, being confronted is easier, i find, then havin to tell someone<br />
<br />

i know excatly how u feel, i feel alone in my depression, when i had a therpist i would lie about being sucidal and how sad i really was. ive been cutting since i was 19 and i feel like thats the only thing thats kept me alive. i know im in need of serious help but i dont know how to ask for. i suffer so much and no one even notices.....