I'm a guy and my best friend is a girl. We've been super close  partners in crime since the beginning and I trusted her and poured my self to her. I didn't want anyone in my life but her. But I got replaced by her new boyfriend. I was scared from the beginning but she promised we'd still have time together. But we don't. I never see her anymore and only talk to her when she's crying to me about an issue. Whenever I try to talk or hang out she blows me off for him. I've already been suffering from depression for a long time but losing my source of happiness like that is becoming the death of me. I feel broken and betrayed.
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1 Response Apr 18, 2012

I can understand how exactly u feel.... I hav been treated the same way by a friend of mine and that was when I started getting away from him. But he came back to me again when he broke up.... Now I am just a replacement toy or something like that for him, because whenever he has a fight with his girl, he will call me and talk about it..... <br />
If you need any friend, I can be one.... I know how it feels to fight depression all by yourself. And it is pretty tough... Please let me help you!