Broken Hearted

It's awful to have a husband who comes in straight from work to get on the internet. Doesn't speak to his own child or his wife. When I go over to his recliner and try to talk he turns the computer away from my sight and rolls his eyes. I asked what was he doing and he goes ballistic....cussing..ranting and raving like mad with his son looking on like his dad's lost his mind. I say ok, I'm sorry for asking, and he gets up and goes to bed without saying a word. Ok, I'm scratching my head. What did I do wrong???
bethnneed111 bethnneed111
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3 Responses May 4, 2012

Your sin is that you care, want to be involved. Other than that, you did nothing wrong

Thank you for responding. Yes, I'm pretty sure something is going on. People don't act that way unless they are trying to hide something. I feel as though he has a secret life sometimes. He has been known to chat with other women, but has told me he'd stopped. Apparently he hasn't. What grown man with a wife and son comes in from work without hardly speaking, buries his face in a laptop til bedtime, and doesn't want his family to see anything he's doing. It's terrible living with this day in and day out. Anyway, I know we need help. Sometimes, it helps for me just to be able to get on here and vent. Thanks again for taking time out for me.

You did nothing wrong. The problem is with him. Every marriage should have good communication skills, I'm sure you tried talking to him about this, and he gets offended and mad. I would suggest a marriage counselor to see if that helps. There is probably something going on that he hasn't told you.