Depression; Dealing On My Own

So I'm 16. I have had clinical depression since I was about 7. My first stepdad has it too. He wasn't getting any help and making my life miserable. When my momma left him almost two years ago I was having a really rough time dealing with my depression. I yelled at my mom and she asked what my problem was. I told I didn't know but I thought I had depression. She made me an appointment and we found out for sure that I did. From the time I was 12 till I turned 16 I dealt with my depression by writing poetry, drawing and cutting myself. Before my mom left Sheldon (first stepdad) my school counselor made me tell my parents that I had been rapped when I was five. That's another story. My friends got worried about me and told the counselor about my cutting. She made me tell my momma. I promised to quit. And I did. For about two weeks. I started again and didn't quit till momma left Sheldon. Then I was put on meds and they helped but I couldn't eat while I was on them. So we changed meds. The second meds didn't work and I had went back to cutting myself. I told momma as soon as she got home. We tried one more medication and I am still on it. Lexapro. Its my saving grace. Since then we have found our I have sleep problems and anxiety issues. But my life is so much better now
People say they undratand just because they have depression as well. Everyone is different. I'm not saying I understand how you feel, but I can sympathize and I will do anything I can to help you cope. So message me or comment. Ans always remember God loves you enough to let His son die for you. And no matter what you do say or think, He will always love and forgive you.
kendrick95 kendrick95
18-21, F
May 5, 2012