Do You Know?

Does anyone know the systems/characteristics of someone with bipolar? I'm thinking that may be his problem.
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my girlfriend has bipolar. It is hard sometimes, actually shes the ideal woman i could have with bipolar. Shes very aware of the symptoms and she knows when she is snappy and all. She stops herself before she causes too much damage, then shes very apologetic after. I think your husband might have it too. He needs to start getting very informed of what hes doing to you and your son. If he thinks theres nothing wrong with him then you better bring his as* back down to Earth. Have you tried talking to him about this? He may be top dog at work, but in this marriage you are both equal. Its about time you remind him of this.

Sorry about your girlfriend. It DOES sound like she has a handle on it though. Good for you both. I can't talk with him about it. I must always be the submissive wife, or I'd be outta here. Like, just the other night, at a family reunion, he was already done eating, and was going to get up any way and go right by the desert table. I asked him if he would bring me back a piece of cake. He would not. It hurt my feelings, and I asked him why he couldn't bring me a piece. He said I was being insubordinate for even asking and I should apologize. One time, at a party, everyone was fixing their own plate, even the men. He didn't stand up to go get in line. I was getting my son's food and my food, and motioned for him to come on. Oh my word!!! I got yelled at for a month about that one. He is a lot bigger and a lot more aggressive than me...very intimidating to me, and he knows it. Nothing will ever be equal in this marriage. He knows it, and I know it. I don't want to be a quiter in this marriage, and he knows that as well. I have to live with this. I know you think I'm crazy. I am thankful you took the time to read what I wrote, and took the time to respond. It helps to be able to get this off my chest, even though there is nothing I can do about it.

I guess that's my problem. I can't talk with him about anything. Every concern I have, he just makes me feel stupid. Every thing I bring up, he some how manages to turn it around and makes me feel like an idiot for even bringing it up. And he says he don't give a **** about anything I do, so why have I got to be concerned with his life...his "extra ciricular activiteies". But he will sometimes say he loves me and never wants me to leave. I know this sounds crazy to you all, but I'm just as confused and have to have someone to vent to. I have no one I can talk to about this stuff. I know it's hard for anyone to understand. The only excuse I can even come up with is that he is in charge of high security inmates at a high security prison. He has to always be top dog, and it doesn't change when he gets home. No one can do any good any his eyes..,and he is PERFECT. I could wash his feet, run his bath, cook 10 meals a day, and he'd stay fuss at me for something and use sarcasm in every sentence.

Thank you for your input. I was just concerned, because my husband tends to have drastic mood swings. He can be all happy for a little bit like everything is fine, then if some little something doesn't go like he thought it should, he can switch so quickly. I'm not talking about anything major, just like if he starts getting a little hungry or something and what he's craving is not in the pantry.....or if he gets a little hot, or if my son ask for help on homework while my husband is on the computer. It's just amazing to me how sometimes he blows things out of proportion, even start cussing and using sarcasm to hurt my feelings and my sons feelings. Then after awhile, he's all fine again. Oh, your beatiful, I love you, blah, blah, blah..... Anyway, I just wondered what a person who had been diagnosed as bipolar was like. I just walk around here sometimes, wondering what in the world is going on.