I finally went to the psychologist. she told me I have all the signs of severe depression and she told me to see the best psychiatrist in town.. I called him and he couldn't see me for a month so he recommended my family physician to prescribe me some meds.. i don't want to take the,, I'm afraid they'll make me feel even less real. i don't want to make that call.
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Don't take family physician prescribed meds. They really don't know enough about antidepressants from all of my past experiences, and all of them are stubborn as ****. I've had some ridiculously serious reactions to meds in the past. wait until you see a professional on psychology if you want to put chemicals in your body.

hahaha im not pregnant.. i play basketball. i have considered joining a support group, i just don't know where.. my psychologist says she'll do some therapy I'm just afraid we'll get somewhere and then ill have to leave for college and start all over with someone new..

The big concern with most anti-depression meds for young child bearing females is their affect on any pregnancy. Hope they talked to you about this. There are numerous meds out there for depression, many of them if used properly can make your life more rewarding. Have you considered joining a support group and even taking a few group therapy classes--they often help as much as meds.