Situational Depression

I am 48 years old and have situational depression. I have experienced several major life changes all at the same time.
* Divorced after 26 years of marriage
* Moved away from my ex (I do not miss him) and my adult children (I miss them so, so much)
* I left my job that I loved
* I left my beautiful house that I had lived in for several years
* Moved out-of-state
* Now live in a tiny house with only my dog
* Currently unemployed and seeking employment

I have now been depressed for almost a year and I just worry I will not be able to get back to my old happy self. I would never harm myself, but I have to admit I have imagined checking out. I have thought about what my note to my loved ones would say. Again, I would NEVER go through with anything; it's just difficult getting out of bed each morning. I feel like when I get a job, I will do much better, but this time last year, my kids were living at home from college and my house was lively and fun. And then in July all hell broke loose and nothing will ever be the same again.

Do any of you reading this have a similar story? Will you please share your story? It's nice to know we're not alone in our struggles in life.

Thanks for listening.
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I do have a similar story, about situational depression. I had graduated university with a teaching degree, and I really wanted to teach in my home town, where I was still living with my dad. It didn't come about! I was unwilling to move. I was working for my dad in his sporting goods store, and I was sub teaching, but I could not get a full time teaching job. My dad was sort of living with a woman, but she came and went back to her own place. A new job opportunity in a fitness centre came about. They wanted me on staff real bad, and when I told my dad, he said it was ok to work there and not for him. He said, "Every bird has to leave the nest." Off I went, but I still lived at home. I began to stay with the owners of the gym, as I helped with their kids. It was fun! One night I came home early in the morning to shower before work, and I discovered "her" in my house, with my dad. I was in shock. Then at work that day I felt like everyone was pointing at me and talking about me, laughing at me. I went up to a storage room, found a hacksaw, and began on my wrists. I didn't do much damage, but it did sting! I asked myself why I was doing this when I could just call my counsellor. I bolted from work and called her. She made me report to the hospital, or she was going to call the police. I was admitted to the psych hospital, where I stayed for 4 days. I wanted to stay longer, but the psychiatrist wouldn't let me. Anyway, things progressed until early in to the summer. I felt very depressed again, and I made a call to the head nurse of the psych unit because I knew her. I got admitted a 2nd time, and this time I was in for 6 weeks. The psychiatrist called it situational depression, not clinical depression. Every time there is a change in my life, I go through the cycle again. I have a counsellor who is a huge help, so I have avoided hospital stays. Stress brings the depression on as well. Things not going well at work also bring it on.<br />
I can understand your situational depression, and you have certainly been through way more than I have. There is hope. I know people have told you once you find a new job you'll be better. Although this is true, it will take more than that. Yes, you do need to busy yourself and get out of the house. Accept the smaller house for now. You have the dog, and dogs are great listeners! They really understand when their masters are feeling down. My dog knew when I was suffering, and he'd cuddle with me, making me feel better. <br />
I believe you are a very strong person, as it took great inner strength to write your story. I know if you can find a counsellor to help you, this situational depression will pass. You don't have to take medication because it doesn't help for this kind of depression. It will only drag you down and make you feel worse. Trust me, I've tried every kind, and all it succeeded in doing was making me gain weight and stay feeling down. <br />
There are positives in your life. You have raised children who will be a success. You are still living above water as you are in a house, even if it is small. You are probably great with paying your bills so there are not collectors after you. And, best of all, you have a beautiful spirit, and a wonderful gift of writing and telling your story.<br />
Telling your story is a great way to begin the healing. When you let that stuff stay inside you the depression worsens. I know because I've been there.<br />
I believe in you. I know you will get through this rough spot in your life. Things will get better, you'll see. Keep on the "sunny side", and you will make it!

Thanks jiggs! Your words have helped me.

You're welcome. As we share experiences, we share feelings, and we are a help to each other. Stay strong.

Thanks David. I appreciate your response.

Your not alone, as you know I just join this site. I sorry you have lost your home, job and love ones. I hope you find the job that your looking for and life picks up for you.<br />
<br />

how are things in your life now days. I 'm now off my meds and back at work, I actually work from home now and have bought a dog for company. hope your are doning better than you were