Jesus Christ- Who Do You Think You Are? By Henni Racik

Dear Eric,

I hope that this letter will find your heart, and let your feelings express outward towards yourself.  My heart bleeds that you are in such a nightmare of a situation. “ Darkness”.I don’t know how to begin to tell you how I feel. But, I can imagine how you are feeling. If you can believe me that all day I keep thinking about you. I have tried to wonder what you are eating,  on what you are sleeping, and even thinking. I can also imagine all the hurt you must be going through I know deep in your heart you are searching for love.  I can see a very tired, confused young boy. He’s angry, but not too angry, more in search of himself.He is sad, well sort of, but he is more hurting on the inside. So I think and wonder if he loves me... I hope he does and still needs me, as well as confides in me as to what he feels in his heart. I want you to know that Athena, your Dad and I truly do care about you. I honestly, am deeply hurting for all the pain you are presently, having to cope, and deal with in your life.  To love is to show understanding. I trust myself to be able to show you how I feel, and hope you will do the same. I can envision how much you are struggling with life’s curve balls, and know it is not that 

easy to catch each chaotic game and win.  I know you are a boy that has seen too much in a very short period of time. And also has had to grown up at a rapid speed to understand life’s teachings.  In our world to have someone that makes sacrifices for you is showing care. In this world you need to understand what real love is. Eric, I know you are living through really hard times, but your needs must know that you are an adult. You need to obey rules and laws if you don’t, then you need to go living on an island where you can be your own ruler. As you are learning to live with society’s mistakes, it in turn reflects on you too. Try to remember to be the best you can be, but understand that nobody is perfect - only God. But I always try to be 

better than myself, even if I make mistakes - we all learn from our mistakes. But smart people,really learn from other people’s mistakes. I know that you are still young and are not sure about life but one thing you must know is that I love you no matter what in this world. I know at times, 

I have been tough with you but that is only to teach you the true core facts and hardships we must appreciate in order to understand the importance of life. Eric, you must start to trust yourself!  I know trust is hard to do when all you see in life is unjustified circumstances 

surrounding you. However you must learn to trust your heart.  God’s love is the ultimate aim and purpose in life – “Jesus Christ”- who do you think you are? Oh, I know maybe you think –you are Jesus Christ. Jesus, Eric,  I only  see  a boy lost in a place of silence?  You search for your inner strength and must know how to reach the emotional level of your heart. Eric, maybe I don’t have much in life as materialism is concerned, but spiritually I have everything - my heart.  But I am sure there are people like me who have the least and give more, because they recognize the importance in life,

that if anything  good results, it has to come from God. God gives each of us a gift to use, and that talent is to be discovered. We must learn to use our gift. If Life is teaching us a lesson we must learn to understand what these  teachings are, for  there is always  a solution to every situation as long as you believe in yourself and in God. Be positive always in gaining opportunity that God gives us to reach our goals in life. Always think of God with your heart, mind and soul. Don’t let any negative emotions come into your heart and soul for then you can achieve anything. Your soul must be cleansed and you mustn’t blame anyone but yourself for your own actions. We need to learn one thing in life – “Jesus Christ”- who do you think you are?  And as I 

have told you many times in your life, the way to the heart is - by knowing yourself. Take a look at who you are by reflecting upon your own heart and soul.  Listen to yourself!  But you truly must start to forgive those that love you the most in your life. My dear son, up to now in your life you have been spoon fed, and given everything on a silver platter, well life must be balanced out, and you have to learn what it means to want, to need, to hope, 

and mostly to care.  You are a very stubborn man with his own way of seeing the world, it is of crucial importance to identify your weaknesses and strengths. I know life is unfair, but nobody said it would be easy. The one thing you must learn is to trust yourself, your heart and soul can 

only be pure, if you know who you are and believe in yourself. God will always be with you in your darkest hours, but you need to trust, you must also stop the fear, anxiety and self worthlessness. You have to start to really understand how to live in the present and not in the past, this is your biggest problem. You have to stop thinking about what happened to you but you need to learn more why you need to  help yourself and then others . 

We all have a say in life, sometimes we need to share our story, so we can help others and that is how we can help ourselves. Eric, you know I am trying to organize a world project  because that is what God has planned for me. I know what it feels like to be hurt.  But Eric always knows that everything in life happens for a reason.  Your episode now in life is only temporary. Your life will change. But only if you want to change it, because you are the only one who can do it. However, you must want it. I cannot change it for you no matter where you will be. If you are not happy with yourself, and do not respect, love or care for yourself, then nothing and nobody will be able to make you happy. Only you and you 

alone with God can change who or what you want in your life. If life was easy and if we never had to live through hardships we wouldn't know what it means to live. We all appreciate what we have in our life, if we work hard for what we want. And we must do it not just say it. If I want 

to change the world, first I must change myself. I want to write a book, I must discipline myself each day to do it. If I want to show I care about you, I must teach you what I know from doing it to myself and most important thing I want to say Eric, we must never lie to ourselves or those 

we love. We especially must not cheat and steal. God teaches us lessons every day, we must learn to understand, respect what he is teaching us. If you trust yourself, then you will also trust  God. Life is life every day is beautiful, I know you might not think so, but please remember it can’t do you any good to think about negative thoughts only positive ones. We are doing everything possible to make sure, you will be okay. They didn’t tell us that they took you out from the hospital and put you in front of the judge, I only found out because I called the police station in Komarno. I bet you must really hate Slovakia right about now, but the most important job for your lawyer is to get you out of jail and find you the proper medical attention 

you need, remember, if I could I would come to visit you. They didn’t allow me or your Dad to see you. In Slovakia the law is very different from Canada. Eric I love you, I am including a return envelope for you to write back to me. I can visit you on the 13that 8:00am in the morning. Just 

remember, be strong. And you should know that God is with you. And I am with you. You have nothing to be afraid of, only yourself.My one and only son, if you don’t trust yourself, then how do you expect me to believe in you,and what you can do or become in life.  Your integrity in whom and what you can do is in your mind, and in your own  hands. I pray the Hail Mary, and send you blessings for staying sane in this mad world of ours. I send you my love. Please pray with me, and talk to God. And one final piece of advice is that if you cannot trust yourself and your mother, who you going to trust? 

“Jesus Christ”- who do you think you are? for more on this book google velvet evolution universe tour 
henniracik henniracik
46-50, F
May 10, 2012