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Because I was having problems proving lack of income, I went without my anti-depressants for almost 4 months and my Lipitor for the same period. I don’t blame the company, but when you have no income or get any local, state or federal aid its hard to prove you have nothing. My doctor decided to switch my anti-depressant to a different type in hopes I could get it cheap enough to be able to afford it, when I called in the anti-depressant was over 250.00 for a 90 day supply and the Lipitor even with there card was more then 450.00 and these were the generic prices. If you’re Tom Cruise or have never been clinically depressed please don’t reply because you really have nothing to say.
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1 Response May 10, 2012

hey I know where you are coming from really, In my state we have a mental health clinic, yes the doctor is wonderful and I love my therapist. i have become unable to work and have nothing now, so I must fill out the paperwork but I am getting some of my meds at discount rate $3.00 some are $430. those I just don't take. but the mental health place in your county is your best beat for the medication, if your like me you need em, they make sure you get em<br />
hope this helps good luck