Who's not depressed nowadays? 

When I was seeing my therapist, well we did a little cbt.  I think this is what it is called.  Everytime I saw her, it was basically the same thing in her treatments, not advancing by much and  she didn't write much in her file / my file.  She didn't seem interested either.  Every time I used to see her she'd ask, how am I doing? I used to tell her not good.  She constantly changed pills, not giving me a chance to really be on it.  Then she gave me the prescription, pills I once was on until she got a call while I was in her office and she said; oh no, I'll give you ADD meds cause we have tried everything and nothing worked.  We tried everything?  What about my nightmares?  When I told her about PTSD.  Did someone tell you that?  she said; no you don't have it, you have borderline traits!  I am having nightmares and it is easier saying I have ADD because of lack of concentration then to diagnose me with PTSD + BPD because of the similar symptoms of PTSD.  And now, for sure it will be Aspergers + Bipolar, if I see anyone else.

Talking about Aspies; its funny because many questions which are asked here makes me think of the symptoms of an Asperger's.  :)
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So, how are you now? Seeing a sane therapist? Hugs.

I am still feeling crappy...I make the best of it!

The new therapist I have is love love this person. (:

That actually gives me a warm feeling. Hold on to this person, it is rare to find one.


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Hi, I am going through therapy also, and on meds which keep changing, but someone told me to go in there and put down my shield if I wanted help. I believe group helps the most, because then you relate to real people and they understand. Just wanted to wish you good luck in you walk through this. I know how hard it is, some of the meds cause the nightmares, having em also. Here if you need to talk :)

Hi mommaceitta :) I understand if they keep changing your meds if they don't work on you. I didn't even have a chance to be on it and she wasn't saying / doing much in therapy. How can I get better? Even before my big mess, she knew about certain things which are ptsd and she labels me with something similar. It doesn't take a genius knowing. Anyway, in my case, it wasn't the meds that caused my nightmares since I haven't been on it long enough on them. I had a bad experience and kept and still keep having those nightmares relating to it. Sorry about your situation and your nightmares.

It is a good thing you put your shield down and got help. I tried. I really tried. I don't what type of depression you have and depending on what you have, group therapy can help. In my case, it is not only anxiety...I have ptsd and being around people is nerve wrecking. Not because I don't like people but with the experience, it got to this. I have been talking to people who have ptsd, and they are helping me somewhat and with my husband's help, all can help. Good luck to you too.

I sincerely hope you find the help that you need, good luck to you.

as i said earlier if you need someone to listen I am here

Thank you...I really hope so too. :)

Thanks, same for can contact me via card any time you'd like.

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