I Battled It But I Am Going To Win The Fight

I used to be very cheerful and confident. Then this year my only sister died from complications from lupus then my father died and i lost my business in a 6 week period. I cry everyday mostly for my sister . I was her older sister I guided her and took care of her from the day she was born who am I now. But through all the an opportunity came my way to do a dream business and thats where I am going to put my energy behind . Its not easy but we have to fight depression it will eat you alive.


We are going to use this place to help people who are depressed, lonely or sick . We will have people who will talk , walk and comfort you.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

I'm sorry about your sister, lupus is some sort of hellish disease I know, and your father. It is no wonder you're depressed. But your attitude is good, and I really like the Jamaican place.<br />
Good for you. Yes you're gonna win

Sorry, I hate what you've been through, really do, it's so bad.<br />
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But we cannot fight depression. You know why? Because depression is an illness generated by YOUR thoughts. The more you talk about fighting it, the worse you will get.<br />
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Learn about it, get treament, ask questions until it becomes benign. Talk here and elsewhere for info and differing views. I learnt so much, read and talked, had treatment and I finally understood it Doesn't mean I can cure it. I call it "my ex best friend" simply because it is a part of me and knows where it hurts and how to hurt and when. I do too, now, not by fighting, by leaning. Thus I have disabled it's most potent weapon, surprise. I know when it's coming and am both proactive and always vigilant to make sure it stays away.<br />
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You can't "fight" an illness. How do you fight a broken leg? You don't. You get treatment, folow advice and it repairs. No fighting at all. Same, same.