I Want To Be Happy

HI all, its my first time sharing story in here. I find it really tired keeping it to myself although I have friends to share with, I don't wanna bother them too much...

I studied overseas away from my family for almost 8 years, 4 years ago my mother was diagnosis with Lung cancer, we were all very upset but we were optimistic. After 4 years battle, my mom is still having ups and downs situations. A lot of treatments and a lot of pain. Pain is not the worst. The worst is the relationship between my parents are getting really bad, my mom blamed my dad a lot over small things. My dad cared a lot for my mom so he got too nervous sometimes when my mom felt pain and my mom hated that, she thinks my dad is making her nervous. Anyways, they hv been fighting a lot and every time my mom would say things like "I'd rather die"  I tried many ways to help them but it seems useless, they refuse to see therapist and just let things be miserable. 

And then my brother, he used to have really bad girlfriends and finally his current gf is an angel, very thoughtful, caring, sweet and lovely. However, he always thinks himself useless and that almost ruins the relationship.

So my family worries me a lot when I'm back home, and don't know since when,  I only truly feel when I am overseas. I enjoy my life studying abroad so much cuz I don't have to witness all the fights and stuff. But my brother kept msging me about his depression and how things go badly with his gf....I want to stop worrying but they just keep telling me unhappy things, and that giving me nightmares (crying in the middle of dream), and makes me difficult to sleep. 
I love my family very much but somehow I feel happier without them around. After this year, I will be graduated and return home for good. I am worried that I cannot deal with all the unhappy issues at home. 
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1 Response May 15, 2012

Ok try to get a job abroad. And train yourself to accept some life facts.