I don't even know why i joined this site. I write my story and I try to find people to talk too and I get nothing. All I want is a friend. Someone who can talk to me and not judge me and help me maybe? Possibly? But I don't even get comments on anything I write. I get nothing about my mom dieing, nothing about anything. No one actually cares and I understand. I'm just no use. I'm not important. whatever.
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3 Responses May 18, 2012

i know how you feel. i don't feel important to anyone either. i had a girl die at my school this year, and i don't know how to deal with it still. it's been almost 7 months and i'm still upset. i wish i could fix it but i can't. i'm so sorry about your mom. if i could help you, i would. feel better.

You are important in more ways than you know. I am sincerely sorry for you mom. Hope you can find that person to talk to you have been looking for. -K

I'm sorry you have not got any responces. I am sorry for you loss and if you ever want to talk you can email or im me.