i have struggled a lot with this terrible disease and have taken many medications for it. I am currently on zoloft which works okay but i would like to try something else. I had a recent visit to the emergency room and my doctor was my friends mom. She was very upset and judged me immediatly about me taking zoloft. She also told her daughter and she in return told all of our friends so now they are all saying that i shouldnt be on it and all of this stuff. I just wish that they wouldnt judge me because they have no idea what i have gone through. But i am just going to put it behind me because i dont care what they think.

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i would most DEFINITELY report the doctor. there is NO way i'd allow her to continue doing those kinds of things to her patients. that's more than out of line especially considering it probably had a MEGA impact on the condition for which you take the medication! holy cow! what an awful person and for her daughter, who's supposedly your friend, to tell anyone about it ... ugh! i'd seperate myself from the whole lot of them because chances are, they too need to be on medication. the longer i live the more i realize that the first ones to throw stones are the ones who are guilty of the same thing for which they are throwing stones ...

The doctor told her daughter what medication you were on? I think that is a direct violation of patient rights, and I would look into reporting her. If she did this to you, she could do it to others as well. Sorry this happened to you.

I remember when I first took anti depressants. I was about 24 years old. Even at that age I couldn't believe how people judged me. I had a cousin who acted like me being on anti depressants made me some kind of nut bag! She really made me feel like a freak! You Know now I don't care how old you are if you need to be on them people can still be so ignorant! I work in the Medical field and let me just say I know Doctors and their wives and even a couple of lawyers who take them! You would be very surprised at the people I mean millions that are on them! So don't let anyone try to make you think that you are a freak! Thats a bunch of crap!