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Today I went to fill a script for my anti-depressant medication at the pharmacy.  The Pharmacist questioned the dosage which I assured him was correct.  He just looked at me and went to walk away.  He then turned to me and said I need to talk to you.  At first I thought he was not going to give me my medication but, then he softly asked me if I was ok on the medication, how was I copeing and did I have any side effects.  As I was caught off guard I responded by telling him it was keeping my depression under control and that I had less suicidal thoughts so it must be ok. When I got the chance I googled the medication and possible side effects and realised that many people do have side effects and the drug can cause long term damage.  I had been wondering why my memory was so bad, why I feel dizzy all the time and why the ground feels like it is moving underneath me.  It seem this is common. So by me putting my trust in my doctor have I set myself up for brain damage??? That is just great as my brain wasnt that good to begin with. Do Doctors prescribe medication because one they think your a lost cause anyway so who cares or is it the money and a way to keep the big pharmaceutical companies in business.  Regardless I may as well have taken recreational drugs and had some fun while I was at it - it would be cheaper and at least I would feel like the lose of brain cells was worth it. Very unimpressed. Who can you trust? 
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Three years ago, I was put on a medication that almost killed me - seriously. I have since began to always read the information that is provided with any new medicine that I have been prescribed. I have also started telling everyone that they must become their own advocate when it comes to their own health, including questioning your doctor and pharmacist. All medications do not react the same in all people. Read ALL of the potential side effects and not just the first few more serious ones.

A word of advice - don't change your pharmacist, they sure seem to know what they are doing.

I will start off by saying you have the choice to do whatever you want with your mind and body.

But then I must state meds are dangerous and can give your long term problems, two drugs I took have been recalled for women.

When I took medication I had week of suicidal thoughts(never was suicidal before) and then id have like the best few weeks of my entire life! but then I started adjusting to it thus needing more, then having to get use it, then having similar problems again and when I couldn't get meds(insurance dropped).

I went back to really bad suicidal depression. And at that point I looked up the drug and found the long term damage anti-depressants can cause. I stopped taking it and did not had suicidal thoughts after awhile(i also used meditation and yoga)

So really my bottom line is its up to you(everyone's different things don't effect everyone the same), I had really good moods when on it but also it brought me to lowest point, and I must stress drugs are not cures, they merely cover up your problem.

The meds are blocking the drugs in your brain that give you your problems, thus you need to keep upping the dosage, your brain gets used it, you get more, then it comes to the point you need to keep upping the dosage.(or take another drug)

To me that is no way to live, even if I still have all my old problems id rather find a better way to help myself, then take drugs that only patch the problem for the moment.

But also its been about ten yrs since then there could be better meds out there, just I'm more of a natural healer, and feel like there has not been enough research on the effects of anti-depression/anxiety meds.

We are usually very lucky in the West in that both shrinks and pharmacists attempt to look out for us. Shrinks more so, always.

You shrink is treating what you have described to him. If you haven't told him these things then he can't adjust the dose down as you might need. The pharamicist was right to raise it with you and they are usually a layer of protection for us. Not against vicious docs, but against errors and misunderstandings of what is wriiten on the script. Talk urgently with your shrink to agree on the truth and what needs doing.

I had the opposite experience last week. The pharmacist tried the old "We haven't got any left, here, try this new version, a generic. So my partner accepted that, she picked them up. I checked the web for user comments and every single one said don't touch this drug, it does not work.

I rang the chemist and gave hime a blast but he stuck to his guns so I asked him this question. Why would a drug company with a succesful drug create a generic of the supposedly same drug and sell it cheaper? Self defeating, as it was indeed exactly the same company. When I got to my shrink he said" OH NO, that is one drug you NEVER trade for generics, It does NOT have the same ingredients."

Which confirns my attitude to all generics. How can they make them cheaper but identical? Answer? They can't.

And no, doctors do not attempt to dispose of use by misuse of drugs. If they don't like dealing with us they say that and we try elsewhere. Paranoia rife, is it? I know why, Mine was last week.

You trust yourself and Google and the users on average. Mind you there are some very ignorant and arrogant sufferers who insist in repeating 50 year old tales that have no relevance. These, you can tell and eliminate.

WOW... if you don't mind me asking what are you taking? This kind of scares me. I'm on an anti-depressant, an anti-anxiety, and a mood stabilizer (bipolar).

I would speak with your doctor, and if he isn't willing to take the necessary amount of time with you to discuss this, I would go for a second opinion.

I feel your pain dear. It took me two years to get diagnosed and then even longer to figure the meds out, so the sooner you get on this, the better. You deserve to life a joyful and meaningful life and it's the doctors job to take the time and make sure the meds are right....

all the best to you and God bless~

Definitely talk to your doctor. One of the things I've learned over time is that you have to be a strong advocate for yourself, because only you can communicate how effective a given treatment is working (and this goes for non mental-health issues as well). A good doctor will take the time to listen, and consider changing dosages or perhaps changing to a different medication. If he or she isn't willing to have a conversation about it, then it's time to find a different doctor.

Heath care has become so in personalized the doctors have so many people to treat they often prescribe a pill and on to the next one and with depression a thing that is in your brain chemistry that's about all they can do . But there are hundreds of anti depressants and new ones like every week so tell the Dr your concerns. There are other choices . Good luck and take care

If you have side effects, then you should tell your doctor. They rely on you for feedback on any side effects you may suffer. I also keep my doctor informed of any side effects of any drugs he has prescribed - and there have been a few.

It sounds to me like you need to have a discussion with your doctor. Some meds effect people in different ways, and your doctor has no way of knowing what they are doing to you unless you say so. I also take anti depressants, but I keep my doctor informed about what is happening.