Im Done With Life ..

the only thing that stopes me from ending my life is thinking of my dad how he going to live if idid something ,,goad why icant be happy every one keeps     telling me im young and beautiful why you depressed they dont know these things are feeling if you cant feel it you cant use it ..lately some thing changed in my life or ithought so aguy iused to like him in college we talked on facebook he said he liked me too but all the sudden he started ignoring me that broke me and hurted me badly because he didnt give me a chance to show him my care  and for whatever reason he did that he reminded me of all the bad things in my life happend to me icry and cry,,,,,,, what worth living
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Fighting depression can be a very hard battle to fight, and you should not try to do it without professional help. I have spent many years in the battle, and have thought about taking my own life several times. The thing that stops me is I want to go to heaven, and I beleive that if I take my own life I won't be allowed to go. Instead I would have to come back to hell, and try again. What has worked best for me is professional help, and prayers. Good luck to both of you