How It All Started

Hi, my name is Nardine and I just 16 this years. I have been diagnosed with severe depression, and anger problems(a little). I also have tried several self harm attempts and suicidal attempts. I have had depression for a 5- moth period now but it probably started when I was younger and continued until I popped.
I grew up in an Egyptian loving household. My parents don't drink or do drugs, never went to a bar or anything like that. As a young child my parents set a high expectation for me and my siblings. They always want me to be a doctor for several reasons. As a young child i was always bullied. I remeber when i was in 3rd or 4th grade and i would come home everyday crying my little heart out. There was a girl named "Crystal"(not real name) that would make me cry in school and when i got home. She would call me ugly, dirty, b***h, ******, egyptain or african booty scratcher and many more things. She wasnt the only one that called me this.... TO BE CONTINUED....
nardine0503 nardine0503
May 22, 2012