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Fighting Depression On Daily Basis

Keep up !!!
Move some energy around!!! 
Live style!!!  

I was born depressed. I didn't knew that in the beginning, but there was always something. Today, I know I wasn't so happy then. I used to think that I am but I was not. I was living in my own world alone - detached and lost.   

In the beginning, it wasn't so painful. Just long hours when you feel inside out. It was difficult to describe - like something was bothering you all the time, and you can not find your own place or you are there deep down, fallen. I am telling you this because I want you to know that what ever I will say next comes from the life's experience.   

It is not perfect; I know - but is the best what I got.  

First and the most important - Attitude. Always keep it up.  

No matter how do you feel, how down you are, how deep you sink into black hole - yet,always try to stay positive. You would certainly keep up. That is the only way you can control. Even if it is dark all around, you have to bring some light.  I am doing this usually by pushing some good stuff into my head.  For example:-  World is a beautiful place, all its inhabitants are fantastic, it is a great day, everything is going to be OK, nothing to worry about, today is a day, today is going to happen something extraordinary, this is just for now and it will change etc. It doesn't have to be true.   

I believe that what ever you keep in your head; for sure, after a while it is bound to become who you are.  In this case, lies are very helpful.   
Still, it is tough - but you have some material which you can control and navigate through out the day.   

Try to laugh as much as possible. 
Always find a reason. 
I try to laugh whenever I get a chance on my own fixed terms. I mean just to laugh with myself and loudly  from whatever I think is funny.
But you have to be careful because others would want to know the reason behind the laughter, and you can look silly. You don't want to offend anybody, hence don't miss upon this.  


I thing that depression comes mainly due to lack of energy. I heard about the chemical imbalances in the brain and other internal stuff but in my opinion, lack of energy brings us down on our knees. 

That is what we have to do - Just bring some energy into the system.
Eating is good. I always feel good after meals for an hour or two. But you are also to watch to not to eat excessively because then you would  grow and grow and you know - what next. Two, three moderate meals and it is good to finish the last one around 4 -5 o'clock so that  you can sleep without problems. 
Again laughing is very good. It moves energy all around and heals the body and mind. 
Hot but not too hot showers or baths are good. You can take them twice a day. 
Dancing or crazy movements like clapping or jumping are good as well. 
Walks are OK.
You can come with all the kinds of activities which can bring energy in. 
Sex is good. 
Romantic love is even better because thus it can keep you in mud longer for days and nights.
Passionate writing, discussion with a friend, watching good movie or TV with interesting programs etc. can bring excitement  which is very good.   
You can just feel how energy is going up and down through your body bringing out all the good.
Gardening is OK and keeps your mind busy.  Generally, keeping your maid busy is the key. Don't fall apart. Keep together with inner discipline.

Finally live in style. The best is active one. 

Good food - the best organic, with all kinds of supplement i.e. vitamins and minerals. 
Good sleep. Life with no stress which is very difficult to achieve. 
Good place to live. 
Good job, family, surroundings etc.

These are all good advises.They work. I tried them. I spoke with others about them and they liked them. 
Do I follow them? 
Well, you cannot have everything.  Sometimes, I have enough but I keep attitude. I am lazy as well. But they are here and there is always a way out. I am doing OK even if it is not easy.

PS :-
Of course, we have medication but that is a different story.


Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 8 Responses May 24, 2012

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I never sat down and actually thought of being born depressed. Now that I think of it, I was miserable since kindergarten. I never made friends very well, everyone thought I was Carrie White. Well It's how i felt come to think of it. I was like a person looking through a little door window, but never able to open the door and join the crowd. I felt I was locked out. I still feel that way sometimes and Idk why. I mean I laugh, I joke, I play around, I have sex, I spend time with people, but the feeling is always there and I hate it. By the way I never took medication and I refuse to because I want to be strong and I don't want to be weak. I push through everyday and maybe one day I will crack and actually need more than medication. :/ Just a scary thought

Thank you.
I am here for you if you wish any help.
Please message me.

It's great that you write about how to deal with problems. It is inspiring! Thank you.

My pleasure.
I am trying my best.

That's a great piece of writing! I have been depressed most (if not all) of my life, too. In the past few years I've been working on trying to understand what got me there, and how to change it. I've made a LOT of progress......and I've got a LONG WAY to go. But, I'm better than I was several years ago. I'm better than I was a few months ago. Do I have bad days.....hell, yeah! But, I also have good days.....and I can remember a dark time when there were NO good days. I also have chronic illness....became ill a decade ago and lost the ability to work. That, along with divorce and the death of my last, close living relative pushed me over the edge. I also lost my beloved dog of 11 years at the same time. It's no wonder depression overtook me. I have to admit that there are days when I feel that my dreams are gone. I just have to keep working at it, and I will. I am still breathing, I still believe that God is with me, and I am trying to believe that tomorrow will be better.

Thank you for sharing.
I am so sorry to hear about all your hardship. It is really heart breaking.
I am glad as well and extremely happy that you are doing better.
As I say never surrender and never give up and the sun will be always with you.
It makes me especially over joy to know that I can help in some way.
It is a better day. I love it.

Thank you. Your words are very touching, and I know they are helping all who read.

Amazing. Thank you.

I have tried many from this and it really works. Thanks for sharing this.

Thank you. It is long journey on my part. I have got some real experience.
I am so happy that I can help.


I am glad if I can help. In this case my struggle doesn't go in vein.

Thank you for that insightful experience :)<br />
<br />
I agree to a lot of what you write. You have to try to keep positive and a good attitude because you want to be happy. If you can you enjoy everything that you do during the day the most you can, then at the end of the day you can feel happier and sleep well.<br />
Ignore the negative things in your life because your mind cannot handle them well at the moment when you're busy trying to get better.

That is 100% true.

Very well written

Thank you.

i love this

Thank you