Eating Me Out..

this depression is really eating every bit of me..i dont know..
i hate this..
i know its not our wish to love or hate but i must go through it..
i cant even share this with my parents..
i have only one trusted friend with whom i can be true..
the rest taunt me..
if i walk beside a river or some sort of that with any friend who knows that i have depression,they taunt saying "hey dont jump into it saying depression ok..if u are feeling so plz say it before you do that ok so that i wont be in trouble.."
to them this is a joke..but 1000s of my friends who suffer from depression all over the world knows the real pain..

i feel when we have someone who accepts it truly they are n danger..
coz if i feel something wrong or unusual in his behaviour like if
he forgets to say a good morning i get agitated..
i feel the relationship is going to end..
i cry for no reason..

people who dont know this remark me that "you are diseased..lean..are you not eating any stuff??"
they dont know "i am with a horrible stuff"..

i couldnt even attend my final exams with confidence..

dear friendsd pls pray for me..
god bls..
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1 Response May 25, 2012

its apparent that you dont have a serious relax and walk easy.......share with your parents..........there is nothing like " cant share with parents".......good or bad you can share with them and they will probably accept and understand are limiting your acceptance to just one need to expand your true friend circle......start with your mom n dad