Me Again!

Here, I lost my journal which i was writing in, but i got an urge to write some poetry, so here it is....

I’m draped,
In black cloth,
In a corner,
Of the dark.
I’m not a ghost,
I’m not a shadow,
I’m just hiding,
From the light.

Drifting in a sea of thoughts,
I’m falling.
I’m not Alice in Wonderland,
It’s Horrorland in my mind.
And I plunge under,
Something’s keeping me here.
And I can’t come back up.

Whenever I want to be alone,
Why can’t you see it in my eyes?
Let me be, let me scream.
Don’t you dare come after me.

I’m sorry for what I did.
What did I do?
Just tell me.
What did I do to deserve,
This mind that my fears reside in?

You scare me with your kindness,
Why can’t you see the black bolts of anger,
Shooting out of me?
This deadly poison killed the others,
Who tried to help this dying soul.

:P Thanx for reading. Feel free to comment.
shineaway12 shineaway12
13-15, F
1 Response May 25, 2012

Your poem is very reminiscent of how I've felt in the past, writing is a good therapy. Do you feel better when you let things out through writing? Like you've let things go enough to give yourself a break?

Yes, I do feel better, i let it all out, just trying to convey it- into something i can describe it as. I had lost my writing journal, but, i got really sad, and i was crying- in a corner- in a dark cloth- and i just started scribbling these on a piece of paper.

It's very good, you describe things in a way I can relate to. I like to write in my diary, not poetry but I just write and write and write til I fall asleep. I never remember what I've written and get quite surprised when I read it back the next day like everything I felt has left me and is now on the pages away from me. Hope you find your journal xxx