I Thought I Was Happy...

I guess i am wrong again... I got a great boyfriend, a great best friend. What else do i need? I have no clue. I was happy for about a week, then one Saturday night when i was at my boyfriends house i just broke down and cried. No rhyme or reason.. I still have no clue why. I have been in this depressed mood for about a week now. I wish i know how to be happy again.

 The good news is i havent cut myself, even though i have though about it several times.. It also doesnt help that every body is always talking behinf my back! And starting rumors. I pretend and act like it doesnt phase me, but truthfully? It kills me!

If any of you have any ways of leading to find that happiness let me know. I will listen.
DaddysLilKrae DaddysLilKrae
18-21, F
1 Response May 25, 2012

I felt the same when I was alone, I felt it when I had girlfriends, now I'm lonely and I feel this again. I don't exactly know why... but I know one thing, we both miss something in our life. I think it's a feeling, can't explain.. I see you wrote this post in previous year, did something change or is it the same ?