Hi, Yup, Its Me.

Hi, I got some more poems for y'all and a song i wrote, but, i don't know the tune to it at all yet! I just wrote the words! Comments welcome!

Holds herself, in a corner,
Of this cell she’s trapped inside,
They have put the key just out of reach,
To taunt her, in this asylum to die,
What they don’t know, is what torture,
Burns like fire through her mind.
Whipping, destroying,
Every last bit of hope she can find.

Take your dagger,
And slice open my heart.
It’s broken, unbeating,
Black blood oozing out.
My soul, so hungry,
For a single drop of life,
Has killed me, and
Blackened me, from the inside.
So take it, and bury it,
With a white rose.
And maybe I will rest,
Because then, I will be pure.

FREAK SHOW – By Me. Haha.

Inside me, it’s all an act,
My heart strung with fine string,
My mind is a hoop of fire,
Just for the lions.
These demons that call the show to start,
Sit and watch as I struggle in the tank,
Of emotions they’ve trapped me in,
And then watch, as I sink.
But when I’m good,
I’m awarded with applause,
But one small flaw,
And you look at me like I’m a freak show.

I’m not a freak show,
Don’t pay your 5 cents,
I’m not in a circus,
Just cause I’m different,
Oh, ah….. (x2)

I can’t swallow a sword,
And I can’t swing that high,
But watch as I turn around,
Now, now, look at the sky.
As it bursts into sparks,
Can’t you listen and understand?
Instead of lookin’ at me like I’m a freak show.


My mask on me, is just like a clown,
I can be funny, and I can tear you down.
See, I’m full of tricks, and secrets,
Just pull one out of the bag,
But stop lookin’ at me like I’m a freak show.


Oh, ah (x2)



Hey! I've never really written a song before, so, say what you think of it. :) Somebody who read my poems really liked them and told me i should write a song, so, i tried it, and that was the result.

Thanx for reading!!!

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2 Responses May 28, 2012

Thanks. Im 14, and struggle with depression. These poems help me open up. :)

I wasn't sure what to make of this at first glance, but after going through it a couple of times I've realised that there's a lot of depth to these lyrics, and some quite subtly different issues (for lack of a better word - concepts maybe?) expressed. These lyrics in particular spoke to me;<br />
<br />
"But when I’m good,<br />
I’m awarded with applause,<br />
But one small flaw,<br />
And you look at me like I’m a freak show."<br />
<br />
Reminds me of how I felt, and why I was afraid to open up and talk about my problems.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing them :)