Depression and Anxiety

I am 70years of age and have had problems since 1984.   Started with panic attacks which at the time I knew nothing about.  With medication, through the years I have had relief with the depression and anxiety, but would last for only a couple of years, my medication had to be changed.  For the past year nothing seems tohelp - different medications have been tried and they do not help.  I cry a lot and am always so very tired.  I am very disgusted because I have no quality of life.  If I do go someplace, whether supermarked or daughter's house, I start crying for no reason and just want to go home.  Iam Catholic, have not been going to church and do not pray.  It seems I just can't find that connection with God
lexixjanis lexixjanis
66-70, F
2 Responses Apr 14, 2007

I do not undertand what your comment has to do with depression and anxiety. How can you concentrate on the present when you feel lousy

If we can concentrate always on the present , we'll be happy man...