Being Invisible And Unpopular.

Recently i've felt really down. I'm always the unpopular, invisible kind. I care about my image so much that even the number of likes on my Facebook photo matters so much to me. I dont know. Its just that everytime i update something, i wish for many likes and comments on it. Dont everyone want the same? I often get jealous over friends who get 100+ likes over an ordinary photo. But me? Pathetic. This really makes my confidence level hit rock bottom. It feels like nobody cares about me and im just not important. I feel so desparate. I feel like Facebook is a popularity contest and i'm losing.
invisibleme1776 invisibleme1776
18-21, F
3 Responses Jun 6, 2012

I am sorry to read your story! me too, I like "likes" on facebook but if I dont get them I just dont care.. Try to go out more often and really be liked, not'll see you'll fell surer about yourself!

Stay away from Facebook. It has the same effect on a lot of people. Why does everyone feel the need to communicate about mundane aspects of their life every day as if everyone else should be overwhelmed with what they are doing or what they look like. Stand up for yourself. Just say oh do you still do facebook- I just haven,t the time now to keep it going.

wanting people to like is not necessarly a bad thing, it just means that u care about ur image. better than not caring.<br />
However, u need to draw the line between it controlling how you feel and what u think. trust me this is coming from a person that really cares about what people think.