I Hate This

I have done very well for almost two years now, though I've had depression since I was a teenager, at least. This past year, I was in college at my advanced age and doing so well. Last week, I injured my ankle and had to stay home for a week.

I went back this week to the daycare I was placed at for practising skills, and the supervisor teamed up on me with one of his employees. They sat me down and told me that I was not showing any confidence in the experiences I had planned with the children. They worded their criticisms very negatively, and he me sitting there in tears. The entire time I've been at this centre, I've felt as if the supervisor was treating me like a child. Now I'm questioning my career decsion and thinking it would be better if I just went back on disability again.

I stayed home today and don't feel very motivated to do much of anything but sit here. Which is how I always feel when I start getting depressed.

StarryNight StarryNight
31-35, F
1 Response Apr 19, 2007

Depression will take a lot out of you. Don't base your career on some people. Maybe you should try another daycare. If you just let this depression win it may take your life. Just find ways to cope with your problems and find a way around them. If you want, www.helpguide.org gives tips on stressful lives. Hope this helps and hope you get better.