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Hi. My story started when I first entered middle school. 6th grade during the beginning of the year was hard. No one knew me and didn't acknowledge my presence. When people heard my name they questioned who it was. I felt lonely and depressed. I was the top student for 6th grade and people wanted to take advantage of me. They pretented to be my friend so I could give them answers to our classwork. Then I met 3 boys whom became my best friends and protected me through the year. I won't use names so I'll use the first initials of R, J, and K. They were my first friends in middle school so I felt happy they didn't use me. At the end of the year J confessed he had a crush on me. When we came back to middle school for 7th grade I made more friends, but some enemies. People were racist to me because I'm a Chinese girl. I felt so sad for being dropped to a lower level than everyone else because of my race. I became closer with R and J, but didn't see K much. They were the only ones who understood me. Later towards the end of the year R went out with my friend and I was glad. J and I also got even closer.
The year ended and during the summer time J got mad at me for no reason so when we went back for 8th grade we stayed distant. Also my friend who was dating R became rude and mean so I told her I couldn't be also there for her if she continues to do so and upset others. I even told R that because I knew he liked her so I didn't want to bother. R and I became distant too. During the year K and I became close again and J did so, too. Just as J and I were okay we made a promise to stay by eachother's side. The thing was he kept having tantrums with me so I stopped talking to him. Later in the year he started to flirt with my friend B and just stared at me like he was trying to get my attention. I tried to ignore, but he would just try to pop up in my life again. It was towards the end of the year when we had a yearbook signing and I asked B to sign my yearbook, but J told me to leave and that she was his. I left and cried while my best friend M and D comforted me. During graduation I felt depressed that J would look over at me. My name got called on the stage and as I went up I finally realized that it wasn't his fault, but mine for not noticing the meanie in disguise. My story was meant to help people know that the people who were your best friends could turn out to be your enemy later on. High school for me is coming up and I'll be in 9th grade. Now I know not to trust anyone easily since I've made the mistake once. Also remember that promises could be broken anytime so be ready to fight them.
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13-15, F
Jun 27, 2012