I'm Lost.

Im young & i met a guy 4 yrs ago.He cheated on me i left him, we lived together for 2 out of the 4. My parents never liked him but learned to like him.I dont know what i did for him to cheat, I miss him and he's apologized begged me to go back with him,i'd like to but my family just hates him & if I ever go back with him I'm out of the family . Its been 10 months since we ended to keep me busy I have 2 part-time jobs so i work 7 days & i only go home to eat, bathe and sleep. I work as a home health aide and its taking a toll on me because Ive hurt my back so Ive been having a hard time since I
m only 5 ft..Im also a cashier at a grocery store.. I feel lonesome and hopeless. I also have college to think about but i think I won't be able to go in fall so I'm waiting for spring time..The reason why I cant is I have family to help financially and I feel that if i go i'll just be a mess because i'll never concentrate..Im hispanic so my culture is very strict with relationships & life. A girl from where i come from is expected to be wed forcefully or voluntarily by 16 & even though I live here the expectations are the same. I'm only 18 & I'm just tired of getting judged by actions at myh age.I know i have so much to do but I dont see it. I just stay quiet work and hold it all in..Im Sorry its so long but I needed to let some stuff out.
aniilog aniilog
18-21, F
Jul 1, 2012