I Have Depression. I Feel Like No One Cares.

I have depression take meds for it. Seems like no one cares for me or I have it. Seems like only time someone cares for me is when I end up in hospital. I have health problem's and ppl hold my problem's against me. It's wrong and rude. I don't them unless they start with me. I feel all alone like I'm not good enough of for no one. No one gives me a fair chance or their friendship. Once they find out I have problem's they treat me like crap and run. Why me? Everyone has problem's. If we, all were perfect we still complain. Hate having depression. I'm always feel alone and lonely and sad. I forgot what happiness was. Does everyone feel like that way who surfers depression? Will it ever get better? The one person I care for the most has hurt me and verbal abused me and used me but I'm slowly getting over it and moving on. But I'll never forgive him or forget what he has done. Yes he is a player and bully too. I always hate him for what he has done to me. But in my time I will get over the pain. Cause I did care and fall for him big time. He don't care for me. His loss not mine. He will regret I promise him that. It will back fire on him. But I'm a stronger person then he is or ever will be. Yes all I ever wanted from him was respect and his friendship and a fair chance but he wouldn't give it then or now. He will regret on giving it to me. He will wonder one day about me. I promise him that. I always leave that kind of thing in a person's life. He will one day wonder. I believe in karma. His turn is coming. But that's part of my depression that he never ever gave me a fair chance or nothing still don't. But like I said I'm a stronger person then he is or ever will be. Will he ever do any of that later on? I promise him that he would. Sorry to keep on but this writing about him and all has helped. Some ppl has told me to write it and will help. We never dated or nothing. But what he did and still doing hurts really bad. He played with my heart and whipped it out what it feels like he don't care. How could he done that and still do that? Why me? Sorry to keep asking. But thanks for listening and helping. Just going through a lot. I feel like I'm alone no one wants to listen to what I have to say. So where do you go when you feel like that? That's depression for you. Hate depression. Thanks again for listening and letting me vent. Please help if you can. I'll help y'all out if I can. Thanks again.
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This is almost exactly like what I went through years ago. I just found out that I still have depression and I am trying to turn my life around, and one of the things I have decided to do is forgive and make amends. I have not spoken with him in about 3 years, and the reason why he treated me like **** is because he was depressed as well. I didn't care, because my depression clouded any logical judgment i could have had. I can't still hold a grudge on someone who was battling the same thing that I was going through. Since time heals all wounds, I have gotten over it. I know that it's hard now, but try to talk to him. Try to see what's going on. I suggest that you take a break from him, to allow your feelings to settle down a bit before you do so.

I have tried to talk to him. He is the one that won't me. I have left him alone but I tried to get him to explain. He keeps saying he don't won't to or he don't have to explain. Why won't he talk to me or tell me? I wish he would tell me but he won't. Yeah it's hard to forgive or move on. I do have a grudge on him. If you read all my stuff I write you will see. Thanks for the advice. Sorry you went through it too. Are y'all friends now? Will we ever be friend's again or he ever give me the chance he did them? I have so many questions and it's all why an will? Was you like that ? Thanks again.

Honestly, only time will tell. Whatever it is, he has a grudge against you for it. Give it some more time and see if he comes around. If he actually cared about whatever friendship you two had, then he may try. I still haven't spoken with him yet, because my journey for a new beginning just started a few weeks ago. A year ago he said that he wanted to be friends again, but being a stubborn mule that I am, I declined.

Obviously no one can predict what would happen in the future. Try to just live your life, and sometime in the later future when you feel that it's a right time, try again.

Thanks. I will. Don't blame you. Yeah thought we were friend's but to him guess we never was. But I will keep doing what I'm doing and see. If not his loss just like that guy you knew. Sorry it happened to you too. I'm here for you if you need a friend to talk too. Thanks again