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im at the point in my life tht i c no point anymore.iv had depprision 4 years family wont talk 2 me. iv started cuttn my self. dont no how i feel rite now, dont if any else wants to kno me, maybe il go 2 bed 1210am 26,4. no i dont feel bitchy.just lonley.nte.another day and all is f.... up. nte time i love the nte .iv cleanen n cleaned till i cldent clean no more, sure neigbours think im mad,hmm am i?2 day 9 of may and i feel weirder and weirder dont no wots happening 2 me. im changen in front of my own eyes i wos never tis bad, cuttn helps relase the frustration tht no 1 knos, going 2 see a c,,p,n, on 25, its a man ,dont want 2 tell a man, if i dont c him il b waitn months 4 a nother appointment. cant concentrate,date 22,5.07. and so f......wot hey .19.6.07 thts all it is..............
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I completely understand depression and cutting, and both feel HORRIBLE!! I am really proud of you for getting help, don't let the fact that just because he is a man it might be harder to open up. I have a male therapist and he is FANTASTIC!! Hang in there, Hugs!!

Depression is a very difficult place to be. I've been battling it my whole life. I do many things to cope and deal. You can deal!<br />
<br />
I have a S.A.D. light that was gifted to me by a very generous lady. I take vitamins (Omega 3 is a great one for depression) & medication. I do affirmations & pray. I journal & I'm here on E.P. I listen to Louise Hay - "You can Heal your life" on C.D that I downloaded from my public library. <br />
I listen to a tape that I found at the Sally Ann store by Melodie Beattie that helps many times over. <br />
<br />
I was told by a medical person to do 20 mins a day of mozart on the headphones & 20 mins a day of laughing - so watching something on t.v. for 20 mins a day like the Comedy channel. How would you feel about trying that?<br />
<br />
You are not alone! <br />
<br />
Take good care of yourself!

Well, good that you're here. :) There are always people here who care fo you, share your thoughts and understand you.<br />