A Knight In The Night

My fruitful hours fall every night time, when I have many thoughts to place in paper, scribbling and typing by the computer like wasting fruitful hours for a life analysis, mostly spending time in website yet still don't earn for a living. I have hope of finally landing on an on-line job, and if I am ask of any work, I deviate to a possibility that is seemingly not. Likewise, this sharpens my desire, that soon I would finally land a job on the net, one that is not a scam, and I would be fairly paid.
Actually I always affirm myself that things will gonna be okay, but my capacity does not suffice to my need. I only like pretending that things are okay though it is not. I'm not capable for an 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. rat race, and have to content myself to a part time job that is seemingly not. and I begin to run out of patience. Likewise, I busy myself with church activities, and keep me busy commenting on sites and giving advices or testimonies.
I don't limit my capacity contenting myself on these things that make the now. I foresee that sooner if not the soonest I will find relief to all these that I struggle to. Somehow though I have irregular sleep patterns, I'd been fruitful writing my column for years and at present, I author an unpublished book DID GOD MANIFEST IN FLESH?
I know God will preserve a space for me in this busy world, even beyond as I overcome depression after undergoing exorcism because I was inhabited by spirits before, even a legion, and I have struggled well desiring my place under the sun, knowing that God loves me well, as I had been his instrument for years, long before the duration of my illness, and making me a testimony to all by the life that I endured.
Great is God, that I owe him a lot as he deserves all the praise, glory, honor and power as we are the product of mighty things occurring through his name, Jesus!
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At a certain length of yoga, my chakras erupted and my kundalini burst while I'm with my fellow monks, opening my third eye and leaving me an insomniac for 21 long years and until now I still take stabilizer, relaxant and tranquilizer. During the duration of my illness, I keep seeing demonic creatures of varied sorts, and sometimes the devil would toss me to roll on the floor as I shout for help. Moreover, there are times that an unknown force would push me, hurt me or injure me, or force me to faint. When I joined an occult group, I was possessed while we were gathered, and the spiritist asked my walk-in demon who the spirit is, and I answered, "We are many!" And he proceed asking, "How many?" The spirit inside me answered using my speech said, "Six hundred."

A charismatic person administered an exorcism to me, and there was an exchange of speech between the two of them, the religious person and the demon, and the former decided to close my third eye which I agreed, and I saw no visions for two weeks, but every time I get angry or is delighted, my third eye opens. My only consolation is that, I no longer hear voices asking for help as if submerged in the pit nor see demonic images, what I only see are symbolic visions and visions of holy images.

How did you know you were inhabited with spirits and a legion?

I am pleased that you asked me that question, my answer is contained immediately after the above testimony or article, pardon me that I haven't noticed that the answer should be placed here.

I never think of it anymore. I am a free person, and I dwell on the beauty of the freedom of influence either by habitation or inhabitation. I accepted Christ and Jesus sets me free!