Take Me

Been having poets-block or something.. so these are 3 I did yesterday. :) Hope they aren't horrible. :S

Take me Jesus,

In your arms tonight,

Give me wings and teach me how to fly,

To a place filled with joy and light.

A place I can call home,

And be loved, In Heaven,

Where I want to belong.

If only you knew,

How much pain I keep inside,

If only you knew,

This hurt of mine,

If only you knew,

How I want to die tonight.

But you don’t know.

And you never will.


I carry all this hurt in me,

That you never get to see,

But sometimes, a tear escapes,

And rolls down my cheek,

Breaking the illusion,

Showing I am weak.

Even if a tear is all you see,

Look me in the eyes.

You’ll see the pain and hurt,

And the times I break inside.

shineaway12 shineaway12
13-15, F
Jul 19, 2012