A Few ?

I have alot headaches and body pain does anyone else deal with the same pains i always feel like i need to hide or something because im so down and im in so much pain its like living in a dark hole
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2 Responses Apr 26, 2007

I have had MULTIPLE headaches and migraines since about the age of 15 and i am 45 now. I do feel the same way you do and it's scary!! I also was diagnosed with clinical depression, so i know how easy it is to want to spend days on end, in bed, it SUCKS!! Goodluck!!

I have headaches almost 24/7. I was at three doctors to find out what is wrong and I got three diagnosises. I had to do workout for my beck, got glasses cause they thought it was something to do with my eyes... but it's not gone away. It must be the stress and it's getting hard to deal with all the pain...