What Is Going On

I am sore and tired and weak i feel like maybe it is depressed or something i dont know i dont wont to get up out of bed. I just want to sleep and not go to work my son is still up in the hospital and i wont to be with him i have one here with me and i am ready to tell my husband to leave will life ever change. seems like the people change but not the sitation. am i the only One !!! :(
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2012

Yes, that is a symptom of it so you may have it. I hope you son will be fine, and the thing with your husband works out. I don't know by your post if this is new or you have fought depression for years (or in some of our cases a lifetime). It may not be a bad idea to seek help, but you will never have understanding and empathy talking to people if they have not had depression.

would help if i could