i wake up everyday and wonder how am i gonna cover up the pain today? whats wrong with me...anybody in their right mind knows someone is NOT chipper 24/7... im 21 now and at 16 is when my aunt drug me outta therapy (family thing tehe) and she NEVER took me back for my next  session...me or my lil sis...my sis got help from someone new but they all decided i was just fine... since then i drink more, and i somehow turned promiscuous (sp) i dont know how or when i just cant believe someone whose supposed to care about u and take care of u after all that happen can just say nope ur not depressed but its funny my therapist told my at my last session that i was a manic depressive and i never got help for it so now i just write and it makes no sense at all to anyone but me idk, i guess ill write more later
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Do you wanna talk? Im here. Just message me. I'd be glad to. We are here to help eachother