I'm Scared to Get Help

"I battle deppression" i'm a 26 year old mom i've got a 5 year old son and one on the waydue in sep. i went to a tharpist once she told me i had it sence i was a kid and i got it again thats called dubble depression thay said cronic depression my husdand thought thay was going to put me on some med. but thay didnt i this was in 2002 i was supposed to go back for futher evaluation and to see what needs to be done but i havent yet bacouse i'm scared my husband might get mad bacouse theres some stuff my husband dont know adout like when i get really dawn i hurt my self make my self bleed a little or some how inflect pain on my self and i'm scared if people find out thay eill make fun of me. i'm fixen to go to the mental health soon and get help i know i need to now bacouse i"m prag and i know i need help more t5han ever now pluss i want think better of my self and be happy again. ii hope i can put my fears asside so i can get the help i need.
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1 Response May 1, 2007

When i read stories written ages ago I wodner how the person is getting o.I do hope life has improved for you by now.Depression can be an insidious thing.