why does the pain feel so bad why cant i get this out of my head why do i sit and feel all the life coming out of me why cant i be happy and free why cant i be like i was i was so outgoing and had alot of love why cant doctors find out what i feel the pain n my head 'o' it hurts so bad i get so weak and mad god why cant my life be what i use to have why do i cry all the time why do i feel like im dieing inside why cant i be fixed im losing controll i hate to put my family throgh this they see me going down i feel like my life is over this is what i have to show why god why me im only 26 i still need to be out living and not in a darkhole i need to get help and find me again i need to understand why i need for the pain to end im so scared i dont know what to do im so scared because im not ready ready to leave any of you

sweetness62 sweetness62
26-30, F
May 2, 2007