My Fear

My Fear
By Christian Martinez

I am the shadow that lurks behind you.
I am the conspiracies you hope aren't true.
I am the thoughts in your mind you constantly deny.
I am stronger than you will ever be.

I am your darkness.
I am in control.
I am untameable.
I am you.

I am the reason you hate darkness.
I am the purpose for which you flinch.
I am here for only you.
I am taking all your attention.

I am the voice you hear.
I am the things you hallucinate.
I am the nightmares you have every single night.
I am killing you slowly and painfully.

I will never leave you.
I will never be conquered.
I will not be banished.
I will forever live in your mind.

I am your FEAR.
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22-25, M
2 Responses Sep 3, 2012

WOW! I know Fear very well, and I fight her everyday.

Its a lot more common than people think it is.

You are brave, thank you

Thank you as well.

dont let yourself killed by depression.<br />
I know its painfulits a misery which many cannot imagine.<br />
Its dreadful than cancer.<br />
But dont loose hope<br />
you are born with wings<br />
why you prefer crawl through life

I fight to fly but even with my unique wings, it's as if I am wearing lead boots that weigh me down. I cant take them off and i cant achieve flight with them on. I am trying. I wont give up. But it will never be easy. Thank you though for your words. They do mean a lot. :)

i myself battle depression and anxiety. It ruins It takes away everything leaving in the middle of nowhere.
Your wings are weak Its not the boots which are heavy.
(sorry for my bad grammar)

I understand. My only goal is to get through the day. If I look further than that, I feel overwhelmed and get more depressed. I am making progress but some days will always be harder than others.