Just a cut,
Upon my hip,
Sharing a story,
You might have missed,
Just a river of dark red,
Running down,
A pounding in my head.
Just the silence,
Then searing pain,
My head's on fire,
I feel the hurt again.
At least now I know,
I can feel something.

There is a dark woods,
Not far from here,
An abandoned place,
We all fear.
Tonight I surrender myself,
A sacrifice to the night.
Flesh and bone.
And all your hear,
Is a scream,
Deep in the woods,
Where things creep.
Through the shadows,
In the night.
Soaring wings,
They take flight.
Dead body in their arms,
And a blackened hearts,
They lay her down,
Tear her soul apart,
And feast on flesh,
And thick red blood.
An unbeating heart,
An unbreathing lung.
Blood droplets on the ground,
They are done.
Stand up and vanish,
Into the air,
They are gone.
Nothing there.
And only the echos
Of blackened souls screams,
Deep in the woods,
Where things creep.

shineaway12 shineaway12
13-15, F
Sep 7, 2012