It’s A Strange Time To Be Alive

It’s a strange time to be alive. After the sexual revolution the world just become crazy, Puritanism was replaced by hedonism (and I am very liberal). People are being brainwashed by this hedonistic culture, people are being indoctrinated to become sadists, controlled by fear and greed. I am Brazilian, I see my country heading to fascism, to a dystopian future. The worse is that people here not even realize what is going on, they are used to be treated has slaves, to live in chaos and ignorance, its almost surreal, really!!! It’s kind of like that in the entire planet, democracy is in danger in all countries, is like some evil force was trying to enslave the entire planet. I don’t know… Is a really strange thing. Maybe the socialists or the libertarians or someone will be able to fight against this. I am here, alone, seeing the death of liberty and common sense in my country, and others like me are also alone, trying not to kill themselves. I think it would be dangerous to the system if smart and honest people united against all this nonsense and chaos. The world is going to the wrong direction, we must fight, we must do something. It’s practically impossible for any honest person to feel comfortable with this situation. Technology is necessary, it can be good, but things like facebook are killing the true meaning of friendship. An entire generation has become egocentric, they are not citizens anymore, now they are only consumers.
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What I am able to see is that this dark force is the abscence of complexity perception.... The confusion between connotation and definition and the subjectivity of expressions, the innacuracy of an affirmation and the gaps in the funtionality of certain actions.

Hello Mellow,<br />
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Yes you have hit the mark - The movement of product is the name of the day. <br />
So fear sells a lot of product, fear of safety, fear of not looking glamorous, fear of not fitting in.<br />
<br />
Leads to depression that sells more product. <br />
<br />
If you want peace on this planet, then it beings with you. <br />
When you are peaceful this will permeate to those around you.<br />
<br />
Sorry that you find yourself in this predicament. <br />
<br />
Hope that you find ways to be happy in you.

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