An Ongoing Battle

I am not depressed right now... but for the past 2 months prior I was severly depressed. I always try to have fun... and it works, but only for that day. then i dive into depression again.. It really sucks but I get through it.. however ive been depressed my whole life but it always gets better
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

This isn't healthy. Speak to a psychologist or even your G.P. Try to get an appointment with a psychiatrist who will prescribe the right medicine for you. Ups and downs are not good, rather have steady emotions. Remember that alchohol and drugs will make you worse.<br />
All the best

thanks :) well i dont do drugs or drink, so those are not a problem haha

Yeah I know what you mean. Having fun only works for the one day. The next day you're just back to the agony of the depression. Have to fight one day at a time. Glad you're not depressed anymore :)