Just A Few Words

I have been dealing with the big D for some time now. Iam not sure when it came to play in my house but it has been having a great time. Slowley i have got it to start and play elsewhere.

We all have our own depression and it plays its own games with us. We all deal with it in our own ways,somtimes it works other times it wont work.

I always think of three words when things get tought " step by step". Sometimes the smallest step forward is the biggest leap.

Just a thouht-is it right i dont know but for the times we are in that dark spot just try - even for a moment to peek out and let just a little light in and sometimes it helps.

Stay safe -be strong in whateverway you can.
Downunder123 Downunder123
46-50, M
Sep 11, 2012