Truth Be Told Part I (day 3)

By now you should really get used to my daily morning routine because it´s the same. This is one of those days that I can´t and won´t forget because I met someone that could see right through me, understands my Darkness and makes me go back many years. Let´s skip my morning routine and go straight to visitation. Kat showed up early and I received my warm hug and got to see her kind eyes. We went for a walk in this little recreation park the hospital had and that´s when I saw the real patients. Let´s call them walkers, they acted like zombies but I won´t use that term because they are human beings and I have no idea what happened to them. I honestly got lost for a very short moment thinking how close I was of losing my mind. Become obsessed or lock myself from the world, that was scary. The good thing is that Kat and her soft voice was a lifesaver and got me back together. It was a long walk and I learned so much about her life, family, everything. She had a wound in her heart because her father passed away and even without talking about it I could notice how much she missed him. Everyone was used to see me smoking, even my mom! Kat hated it and asked me to stop doing it, at least not with her. I agreed right away. Suddenly I noticed some psychology students near the bar and someone popped into my head. Bella Summers, a pretty girl that I met in 2004 (not very sure). It was one of those trips to the beach that I joined my cousins and some friends including her. My cousin Peter fell in love with her. It was a cute couple and they stayed together for a long time and had some bad moments until things changed. I guess every relationship has that point sadly. Don´t know much details and that´s not part of my story but what is part of the story is that we always got along. We both started talking about something and it was hard to stop. We shared humor, sarcastic jokes and had a good time. Time flies by, on 2009 I receive a text message from her: You ignored me at the airport! And I was shocked she had my number and I can honestly say I didn't ignore her. I was waiting for a doctor from Harvard University because I was going to be working with her in Matagalpa as a translator and I was stressed because I didnt wanted to miss her in the crowd. Oh! I had a psycho girlfriend Ivy Scott, she was a living nightmare but I walked away unharmed of that one. The second time she sent me a message I was on a date with Ivy at The Reef. I missed her again!!! My honest excuse is that I was arguing and breaking up with the madness personified and I left. Since then we started to catch up and became friends by the phone. And one time with my latest ex girlfriend we saw each other at the mall. My ex was jealous, can you imagine that? Just because I said hello to her. She could have a million friends and everything but I wasn't allowed to say hi to a FRIEND at a mall just because she´s pretty. I even introduced her to my ex because it´s the polite thing to do and there is nothing shady by saying hi to a friend. Anyways we always kept in touch by texting each other and... she studies psychology. I decided to tell her where I was and she was curious about everything but I wasn't going to open myself texting. It´s a long story! She had to visit the hospital every friday so we agreed to see each other that day. My walk was over and I was feeling pretty good with Kat. Odin, Cain and Anna arrived with some smokes and a laptop so we could watch movies. That afternoon was about fooling around, making jokes and eating junk food. Room number 1 was a normal room where friends can share everything, like a little bubble and it was a day that I could answer: I'm feeling good. Around 5:00pm a young male doctor arrived, Dr. Davidson. He was nice and even joined our conversation. My visitation was over and Caine was staying the night. We didn´t have time to talk because Dr. Davidson wanted to see me after dinner. Odin´s mom brought us dinner and then we had some time to smoke...
LostSherlock LostSherlock
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Sep 12, 2012