I Want To Ride My Bike

I really like cycling. But it's really depressing to deal with the threat of injuries. There's just nothing like cycling to me. I bought some body armor and am riding on my bicycle trainer. But it's not very comfortable. I should be crying but somehow I have trouble crying. I love bicycles. I think people in my bicycle club don't want to see me again after seeing how I'm trying to protect myself from injuries. It's just not easy to walk away from cycling and find some other sport that would be safer. I have a nice bike and lots of equipment and clothes. I spent a lot of money on cycling because it makes me happy. And I also like to ride with people. If I don't bike, I would be mostly by myself. I hear a voice saying I could just change from road biking to just commuting. I can do that, but it wouldn't be very fun. I'd just be riding by myself. I hear another voice saying maybe I can find a jogging club because once in a while I go jogging and I enjoy it. Yes, yes, but it's still not cycling, I say.What I like about cycling is spinning my legs, riding in redwood forests, seeing the ocean, climbing, descending, seeing so much nature, and being with people. But right now I'm afraid to do any of this because I'm afraid of injuring myself again, and I'm also afraid that people won't want to see me as I am.
jyald jyald
41-45, M
Sep 14, 2012