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Hi, im a 14 year old girl who has been battling depression for the past month, and i never EVER thought it would be so hard in my life. Almost everyday, i cry myself to sleep, almost everyday im dying inside, but with the magic of a smile to cover everything inside, UP, no one knows that im struggling. i wish i could explain why i have depression, but i dont know, i do not know why and thats what hurts the most. my step dad left me when i was 10 because he punched my mother in the face and left us with nothing, so maybe its that and im still trying to deal with it because my mom is struggling with money and it kills me to see it. or maybe its the fact that i havent spent time with my dad inforever. he left me my mom and brother when i was 4. now, living without a dad is the hardest thing to do. personally, i think its things buliding on top of emotions that makes me so depressed and now finally, im to full of it and just letting it all out. i started to cut aswell but im trying my BEST to stop, i havent cut in 3 days and im pretty proud. i need help though, no im not crazy, i just need a professinol who can HELP me and i can tell my feelings too because really no one i know has been through what im going through and they try and its just so hard. my mom doesnt even know, i need some advice, alittle bit of inspiration. please.
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try and see what help is available for people in your area. I see a phsychiatrist and it's great! I know I'm not insane but I admitted to myself that I needed help. The doctors told me I had no known mental health issues but I really wanted help anyway so I got referred to see someone from Penumbra and she's great! it's good to just have someone to talk to and help me understand it might be a good thing that nobody knows cause sometimes people don't know how to react. try and get a hold of some support numbers like samaritans. they're open 24/7 and you can just call them whenever you like and talk about anything for as long as you like. that really helped me whenever I had sudden outbursts of depression.try and keep yourself busy and do what YOU want to do. :) right now just focus on what makes you happy!

thank you so much, it means alot, and i dont want to take meds when it comes to this because i am afraid wants im on the ill depend on them for my happiness you know what i mean?

Hey you arent alone when it comes to battling Depression. I wish that I could offer you some advice that will make it all better. If you havent tried maybe try seeking medical help a doctor that might prescribe some medication that might help with the mood changes. If you ever want to just vent or need someone talk to feel free to message me.