My Name Is Ashley, And This Is My Story.

Hello, my name is Ashley I am nearly 16 years old and live in Ontario, Canada. I am had a rough past, but I know some may have it worse. I grew up without a dad as he left my mom when I was about 2. My mom met a guy I called my step-dad for 9+ years. He wasn't nice to me at all as he would always joke around too much and like to 'pull my leg'. He got drunk pretty much every day and life wasn't good for me. I started to cut.

My mom found out and everyone thought I was over reacting and such. I went to the doctor's to get some help or medicine, and as I was 'under the age' he wouldn't give me anti-depressants. I continue to feel down and cut.

Last year, I got pregnant at 14. (I also asked for Birth control from my doctor but he also said I was 'under age' and it wasn't nessacary..) I had my son on November 9th, 2011. I was still 14. After this people finally had concern about my moods. So my doctor sent me to a specialist to find out I had early bi-polar dissorder. I also seemed to have PPD and the baby blues.

I am now currently on stabilizers for my hyperness and an anti-depressant.
I am doing a bit better. My son is now 10 months old and doing so well (: I love him and my family so much. I have been with my boyfriend (the father) nearly 2 years.

I look forward to talking to people! (:
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Hi Ashley
You sound like a very sensible young woman who has not had a very good support system.
I am glad that you are getting some help and medication -- are you seeing a therapist, or attending any groups?
You are a young woman and I would love to see you achieve something for yourself (more education??) and your son that will have long term benefits. Glad that things are going well now. Email me if you wish to chat.

Yeah I am still in high school I never dropped and I will go on to college after. And yes I am in counselling and in a group as well. thanks. (:

good for you--you appear to be very self directed and have goals and ambition, that is very impressive-- as someone else said, your past was terrible and it isn't good to compare your life with others and I think that overcoming some of the "bad stuff" has made you a very strong young woman. Just remember that you should be very proud of yourself for all that you have done and are doing. I hope that your baby's dad is supportive of you and your goals too.
I applaud you for continuing your education, finding a doctor and some help and having a plan since it must be hard some days dealing with life and with the baby and your responsibilities. Hats off to you my girl. I could have never fought the depression and demons with so many responsibilities -- I would have failed everyone, and it would have been awful. I am so impressed with your maturity. You have success in your future (I am usually a good judge of such things-- and you seem to have what it takes). Best wishes, keep it up. :-)

Thanks so much that means a lot <3 The father is very supportive of Dallas and myself including my goals in life and respects both of our needs (: It's tough, but I know if we try we can do it, for Dallas. (:

Don't ever feel your past is not terrible, and don't ever try to compare it to others. I am so sorry you went through this.

It's okay, I love my present.. Just with some difficulties at home with my mom :/ Thanks!