Feeling Lost

Ive been feeling lost for quite some time now....I'm 28 had to move back in with my mom and lil sister (21yrsold). Home life is horrible my sister doesn't respect me and talks to me anyway she wants and my mom just wants me to let it go. She hates us arguing so she getting in the middle and nothing gets solved. I'm left out of everything...they go out to eat or shopping and never bring me back anything even when they knooow I haven't eaten. I have no job anymore, my car is fallen apart and no money to get it fixed. My health is ok nothing major but there are issues that could be major that I can't get checked out due to no insurance and no money. My love life doesn't exist. I haven't had a real relationship in 5yrs and my social life is pretty much two people. Everybody else doesn't have time for me. I know they care for my well being but actions speak louder than words. Everyday I cry and cry. If it wasnt for the fact my religion says suicide means going straight to hell...i would have been dead by now. There isn't one aspect of my life that is ok right now.. The few friends I have are everything to me but they have lives to live and cant ALWAYS be there. I feel I'm not a priority to anyone. I'm soo tired of hearing things will get better or we all go through it! that doesn't help. Feeling unwanted, unneeded and unimportant hurts and I can't do anything to change it. My only hope is that I get a job again soon so I can@least fix my car n financial woes. If I'm with friends as soon as they leave I'm depressed.. I have no life no kids. I'm just taking up space on earth and thats not what I want to be. Its really hard to cope and everyday just gets worse! I'm crying as I write this. I can't stop and I think I need help.
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Everything has its place under the sun, time to palnt and time to sow,
time to laugh and time to cry.
Time for copany and time to be lonely.
Time for love and time for crying.
Do not despair is just a phase , how long is gonna last? We don't know , but is not gonna last forever. You will come out a stronger and better person, take time to absorb the lessons of the moment, they will help you be a better perosn and a better judge in the future. Philippiasn 4:13 I can do all things [i]through Him who strengthens me.

I have the same feeling but we have to fight to get what we want. I'm trying my best. You have to try as well. You are not alone.

Thanks I do feel sooooo alone in this. I get very little joy out of the day. I'm trying but everything I do fails. Can't go on job interviews cuz my car messed up...don't even have 2 bucks to catch the bus and gas so expensive can't ask for a ride without offering gas money. I'm just stuck