We as people, when we hear the word rape, for most of us, our first thought, sex. But sex is not the only way to rape someone. There are many different ways to rape. (RAPE: To purposely harm: to forcefully take something without consent: the violent, destructive, or abusive treatment of something, or someone.) To rape someone means to deliberately harm and cause misfortune to another person's life, to rob another of their security, well being and self worth. Robbing that person of their physical self by forcing yourself upon that person sexually, or to disreputably hit that person repeatedly against that persons willed, or to rob that person of their psychological self by abusing the authority you have over that person's life, to make that person feel unreasonable guilt and or shame. the affects that takes place in a person's life after rape are the same. The affects of being psychologically raped are no different from the affects of being physically raped.
When a parent abuse the authority it has over a child, that parent is raping that child's security, confidence, believes, self identity and life, tearing down the walls of that child's reality, replacing them with walls of pain, fear, guilt, anger humiliation and shame.

For me personally keeping the secrets of the abuse that has taken place in my own life is eating away at me. It's killing me! I've lost over 20 years of my life to secrets. To secrets that i never chose to make, to secrets I've never chose to keep. No one knows me for the person I truly am. When people think of me all they know are the misunderstandings and lies that surround my life. So they respond to the misunderstandings and lies, which leaves my true self neglected in every way. All of my life's efforts have failed because there's no truth to any of the things I've done. There can only be truth. Anything that stands in its way will be torn down. I've learnt to live half alive. this has gone on for so long; people think I'm immune to the pain. A counterfeit disposition can't be good for my health. Every day is nothing but stress for me. I'm constantly dwelling on how you got the best of me, the way you mentally molested me.

Art of 08/16/11 Dwight Graham a.k.a Littleboymakebelieve
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Pls pick yourself up dust yourself and move on there is more to you i am so sure of it

i often say that to myself when i get betrayed by folks.. in this case.. guys who acted like my friend but they really just wanted sex... trying to make me their toy... sugarcoating this sh#t, as if i am suppose to anticipate being "crazy horny" in other words they attempted to convert me into a ****. which never happened. but this just reminded me of the phraze i used to say "i feel psychologically f#cked" or "he just mentally raped me" basically thats what he attemoted to do through NOT JUST SWEET TALK , but by my weak vulnerable spot, which is hidden and very obscure.. i very show this side of me, but because they opened up to me, i felt as though i could trust 'em .. i had problems.. many of them..so they tried to take advantage of that but i was able to escape that mental imprisonment of becoming a "sex slave" from a pathological liar and the clever pervert .. i am not living for the selfish desires of others..