Hatred that;s a strong word isn't.....not in my case...I've grown to hate each and every person in my family mostly because I have nothing in common with them They **** me off this anger and hatred is starting to build up inside turning into a horrible person. I start to lash out. I become aggressive. Recently I had the urge to get into a fight that didn;t happen that didn't happen but when my sister began to act like a ***** I just lost it. I grabbed her wrists really tight and would'nt let go. I know it's hardly anything but...I was getting a kick out of hurting her, as I began to get up and ready myself to become for violent my older brother stepped in. I was ready to kick off. I don't wanna brag but I would've beaten the **** out of her. Adremiline was pumping through my viines....all this anger no-one to direct it at it ended up going to the bathroom started repeatedly punching the walls My story doesen't seem sad or heart-breaking but believe it or not growing up in a world of hatred isn't a walk in the park I know that sooner or later i;m going lose it..but there's no-one to pull me out of the darkness...Hatred that's what I constantly feel living in this sufficated world.
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Hello Anto,

Deep inside is your light, even just think of a candle with a dim light, think on this if you can….


I will do the best I can...I just hope it works. If we are not friends which i will check out i will try on my end...Thanks again..Hugs...Antonia