Know Me

Never once have you ever tried to get to know me for me. You're always telling me what you want to see. you're always comparing me to him, her and you. saying, (If we can do it, then you should be able to do it too.) But I never had the same life experiences as you. Even though you've tried very hard to put me through, saying your mother done the same to you. You should have learned from her mistakes and knew what not to do.

That's no excuse for what you've done to me. Making my life harder then what it should be. You say this is "LOVE", without even thinking... of whom you are hurting, the heart you are breaking. Taking my life and making it ill. For you, on this paper, my heart it spills. over flowing with lyrics of pain, you mop them up with your fist, and my shame. my life is on pause. i can only be... Be the person who I know I was meant to be.

If only you would open your eyes and see all the good I have inside of me, all the things that I could be. Twenty eight years, and still you don't even know me.

Dress like we do....
Speak like we do...
Think like we do...

Art of 04/12/06, 03/03/12 Dwight Graham a.k.a. Littleboymakebelieve
Littleboymakebelieve Littleboymakebelieve
26-30, M
Sep 19, 2012